One PGA Tour Professional ‘Wouldn’t be Surprised’ to See Tiger Woods Wearing a Green Jacket in April

PGA Tour professional Mike Adams has seen first-hand how ready Tiger Woods is for the 2018 PGA Tour season.

“Once he discards the rust, look out Tour: Tiger is back,” Adams simply wrote in his piece for Golf Magazine.

Adams – who is usually based out of Gladstone, N.J. – has spent plenty of time at Tiger’s home course of Medalist Golf Club this offseason. He has personally seen Woods’ game and has gaged what other players like Justin Thomas, Rickie Fowler, Rory McIlroy, and Dustin Johnson think of Woods game.

The overwhelming conclusion: Tiger is back. There is no second-guessing this return.

According to Adams, this is the first time in years that Woods has played without any sort of pain in his lower back and legs. This fusion back surgery for Woods has proved to be a miracle in more ways than not. He is pain-free and, because of the surgery, hits the ball further and straighter.

That’s right, the lack of mobility in his back forced him to swing differently but in the process created a powerful and consistent swing. Go figure.

What has impressed Adams and the rest of the PGA Tour players the most is Woods’ wedge game. Many have said that it has reminded them of vintage Tiger, the guy that used to shape shots at will with any club in the bag.

The overall game looks so phenomenal that Adams has made a bold prediction for Woods’ comeback season.

“A Woods comeback would be incredible for the sports world,” Adams said. “When he plays well, it means volumes for our game: people rejoice and follow golf more. I predict he will win this year and contend in majors, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see him put on another green jacket and hoist the trophy in April.”


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