Fairway Fashion: What Bold Attire Will Rickie Fowler Wear Next?

Rickie Fowler is one of the most stylish golfers on the PGA Tour, as evident by his wardrobe at the Sentry Tournament of Champions, when he wore a short-sleeve, button-down Hawaiian printed shirt:

The attire garnered numerous reactions on the internet and social media, with some calling it unacceptable and inappropriate (I disagree).

Fowler has experimented with a variety of wardrobe options; from bright colors, extravagant belt buckles, high-top golf shoes, and most recently, the button-down Hawaiian shirt.

Moving forward, I’d like him to be even more experimental and take influence from the tournaments he’s playing in to direct his wardrobe.

Here is a list of some of the tournaments Fowler participated in last year, and how I’d like him to dress this time around:

Farmer Insurance Open: Overalls and a straw hat with calf height golf shoes that look like boots.

Waste Management Phoenix Open: A one-piece work overall and a neon green vest with reflector strips. 

The Honda Classic: A racing jumpsuit with NASCAR-inspired golf shoes in honor of Honda Racing. 

Arnold Palmer Invitational: Vintage attire in honor of the late, great Arnold Palmer. Perhaps he can go with the golden sweater Plamer is wearing in this video (we do not recommend he use the same Arnold Palmer clubs).

Quicken Loans National: A business suit print on just the front his shirt – because it will be business in the front and party in the back. Also, he will need to incorporate shiny leather inspired golf shoes. If the printed short doesn’t fly, he can always go with something similar to Justin Thomas’ attire for the first round of last year’s Open Championship.

U.S. Open: Since the tournament will be held at the South Hamptons in New York, a Great Gatsby inspired wardrobe.

Open Championship: This one is easy, an attire the likes of the late Payne Stewart. Fowler has done this before so he can just dig up the old knickerbockers from the last time.

Fowler’s tournament attires this year will definitely be a must-watch since he has shown the ability to try something totally different and bold.

Hopefully, he takes my suggestions (somewhat) seriously and surprises the players and fans of the Tour. And he can definitely pull them off, as he’s shown already.

This article was written by Success Series contributor Joe Manabat

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