Tiger Woods Commits to Playing in the 2018 U.S. Open

In this bit of not-so-breaking-news, Tiger Woods has officially committed to the U.S. Open. I know what you are probably thinking…

“Duh, of course, Tiger would commit to the U.S. Open.”

Ah, my friend, this may be a ‘duh’ moment. But this news comes with a bit of a catch. You see, this is the last year of Tiger’s 10-year exemption to the U.S. Open thanks to his 2008 win at Torrey Pines. His last major before marital controversy and injuries detoured his career.

But even if Woods doesn’t win at Shinnecock in June, he is still likely to receive a special exemption to the U.S. Open (or any major for that matter) until he starts using his clubs as canes to walk around the course.

Speaking of winning the U.S. Open, here are your most up-to-date odds for the second major championship of the year:

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