Tech Tuesday: The New Arccos Golf Technology & Its Partnership with Cobra Golf

We live in a world where data of most any kind is available with the touch of a button.

So why can’t our golf swing data have the same real-time capabilities?

Success Series Ambassador, Rickie Fowler, uses a new technology called Cobra Connect by Arccos, who is known to have the world’s smartest golf performance tracking system.

How does the technology work?  By attaching a seamlessly integrated Arccos sensor into each COBRA CONNECT™ driver grip, you are able to track the distance of your golf ball with great accuracy. Each drive is recorded automatically once you hit your second shot. And at the end of the round, you are able to determine your longest drive, the number of fairways hit, and your average driving distance.

The 3 Major Components of this Device:

  • Advanced GPS—your smartphone will essentially become your GPS rangefinder that can measure exact distances on almost 40,000 worldwide, with the Arccos app.
  • Drive Tracking—automatically track every drive and bring each drive to life using the bird’s eye visuals on GPS imagery
  • Tour Analytics— powerful and in-depth metrics to access your Golf DNA

Arccos has also released their latest model, the Arccos 360 (retailing at $249.99), which includes 14 sensors, one for each club in your bag. Just like COBRA CONNECT, you will be able to track your exact distance for any shot during a round. Once again, the GPS is extremely accurate and you will find yourself navigating the course with ease thanks to the analytics you will track from each club in the bag.

The last piece of the set is the Arccos Caddie ($49.99), which was designed by the company’s partner, Microsoft. This feature is only offered to Arccos 360 users who also have an iPhone.

The Arccos Caddie will…

“Arccos Caddie is golf coming face to face with Big Data, a meeting that could change the game’s future, in this case restoring the bond between player and trusted caddie, even if the caddie is artificially intelligent.” – GOLF DIGEST, AUGUST 2017

Whether you are looking for help with your Cobra driver, all 14 clubs or your game in general, the Arccos system may be just the product for you.

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