Rickie Fowler Plays Golf with Tom Brady and Phil Mickelson Before the U.S. Open

Do you think Rickie Fowler is having a good week?

The 29-year-old kicked off his week by celebrating an engagement to his lovely girlfriend Allison Stokke on Saturday.

Then on Tuesday – according to Golf Channel’s Tim Rosaforte – he heads over to Friar’s Head Golf Club to play a round of golf with Tom Brady, Phil Mickelson, and investment banker Jimmy Dunne.

“So we were at Friar’s Head yesterday,” Fowler said in his press conference on Wednesday. “I don’t know. The highlight of my group, Joe, my caddie, he actually played kind of nice because I think he was pretty nervous playing with Tom Brady, and Jimmy Dunne, who’s a legend in the golf world. I hope everyone got to see the special last night on Golf Channel. If you didn’t, be sure to check it out.

“Phil joined on the back nine. A teammate of his, Rob Mangini. So it was just a fun day with the guys hanging. My fiancee, Allison, was walking around, hanging out. So we all had a good time.

“I’ll tell you what, Tom Brady can putt. So if I can take that into this week, I think that’s one thing I took off of him that will help me.”

One can only imagine what a five-time Super Bowl Champion and two PGA Tour superstars would talk about over the course of four hours on a golf course.

What we do know is Fowler’s caddie, Joe Skovron seemed to enjoy himself.

Oh, and Fowler is playing in the U.S. Open this week. The only way this week could get any better is if he added a U.S. Open trophy to his mantle.

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