Realistically, Jordan Spieth Is The ONLY Golfer Who Could Challenge Tiger Woods’ 14 Majors

Jordan Spieth, at the age of 24, has three of the four major championships under his belt. He nearly won a second green jacket this year with his final-round 64 (8-under par) only to finish T-3.

Don’t forget he probably would have won a green jacket in 2016 had it not been for that quadruple-bogey on No.12.

Out of all the young golfers on the PGA Tour, Spieth appears to be the only one that will make a legitimate run at Tiger Woods’ 14 major championships. I am not saying Rory McIlroy (age 29) or Justin Thomas (age 24) can’t do it…I just think if you were to place money on someone, it would be Spieth without question.

By the age of 24, Tiger Woods had already completed the Career Grand Slam and had won five major championships at this point – he won the PGA Championship twice. If Speith can win the U.S. Open or Open Championship this summer, he will have four under his belt before his 25th birthday in August.

There shouldn’t be a concern if he doesn’t have four majors by the time he is 25. Jack Nicklaus, who has 18 major championships, only had three before he turned 25. And did not win a single major in his age 24 season.

What will be important is how Spieth can handle the next 15 years. Between the ages of 25-33, Woods racked up nine majors. Nicklaus between the ages of 25-33 racked up 12 majors – giving him 15 at the age of 33. His final major championship victory was at the age of 46 at the 1986 Masters.

So in the next 15 years, Spieth will need to accumulate 11 majors to tie Woods and give himself a fighting chance to challenge Nicklaus’ all-time record.

It seems very possible, but we said the same exact thing about McIlroy when he gathered four majors by the time he turned 25 in 2014…but now he has gone almost four years without winning a major. Essentially, McIlroy, if he wants to catch Tiger will also have to win about 10 majors in the next 10 years to tie and put himself in a position to challenge Nicklaus.

Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods have proved to us that winning in major championships after the age of 40 is CHALLENGING.

It’s hard enough to put together four championship-caliber rounds in your prime, let alone when you are past it. Plus you can’t forget about how deep these major championship fields have become in the last decade.

Obviously, Spieth seems to be the most likely candidate to challenge Woods for the simple reason that he still has time on his side and that he definitely does not look like he is a ‘flash in the pan’. If he can avoid injuries and off-the-course distractions then he could end up becoming the greatest golfer of this generation.

What Kind of ‘First Impression’ Did the PGA Tour Professionals Get From Trinity Forest?

Round one is in the books for the Byron Nelson as the PGA Tour players got their first look at Trinity Forest Golf Club – which ironically is anything but a forest.

The Bill Coore and Ben Crenshaw design is actually built on an old landfill and is comprised mostly of short grasses and fescue. It plays like a links course with its broad fairways and massive double greens.

So, after a few practice rounds, what did the players have to say prior to round 1?

Jordan Spieth:  The Dallas native and course member had plenty of time to try out the new course, playing it perhaps 30-40 times.

“The first time I played it I’m like, ‘What are we doing here?…Now I think it can be a pretty exciting, you know, finish where you can feed one in there and make a 2 on maybe the 71st hole that makes a difference.”

And how has Spieth answered the many questions he received from fellow Tour players:

“It’s really fun as a member as a change of pace kind of a golf club…Also reminds me of Birkdale, kind of a links-style course you have to play from the air on a lot of it with big slopey greens. Feels great and looks great. I like the vibe of the course while I’m out there. That’s what I say…I really think this course is going to make a great impact. I think people were skeptical a year ago and I think it’s going to be a happy surprise this week”.

Billy Horschel The AT&T Byron Nelson defending champion

“I was a little uneasy coming here because I heard horror stories about this place and good things about this place…But I’m a big fan of Bill Coore and Ben Crenshaw. I think they’re the top two architects in today’s game. When I stepped on the course yesterday and played, I thought wow, this course is pretty cool — I don’t think it’s tricked up by any sense.”

Adam ScottHas high hopes to play the course as it was intended—fast and firm

“There was a lot of talk in the locker room over the last few months about this golf course because it’s very different than most PGA TOUR venues…You know, people are going to get put out of their comfort zones and not many people like that, you know…The greens were a little quick yesterday in the wind. I mean they’re quite severe, some of the slopes on the green, and if they get too fast I think it’s going to be a little hard to control anything running up on to the green, you know, kind of needs to find that good balance point of challenging and fair…I think probably if I was setting the course up the first two days I’d be fairly generous with pin placements and then maybe have at it on the weekend.”

Zac Blair:  Architectural Enthusiast

Geoff Ogilvy:  Is eager to see the pros take on the course, as he has been witness to its original design and transformation.

“We’ll have to work this one out. It’s going to take a few years for guys to really kind of work this course out, which I think is really interesting to watch and play…We get a little bit kind of — we get coddled in the way we get treated, but variety is one of the best attributes golf has, I think. It’s played in all sorts of different places and all sorts of different environments.”

Hunter Mahan:  Is a club member who has played the course about 70 times.  He believes it will be ‘an incredible venue‘, which, if the weather cooperates and the winds die down will allow the players to produce ‘plenty of birdies’ with both reachable par-fives and a drivable par-four.

“I think the player’s opinions are probably — I don’t know really what they are right now but I think throughout the week they’re going to understand it more and more and are going to like it more and more.”

Here are some reactions from after Round 1…

Leader Marc Leishman, who was a skeptic coming in, really ‘enjoyed it today.’

Sam Saunders:

“I think the TOUR has done a nice job of coming in and making sure they eased us into it a little bit,”

And Jordan Spieth  “It was about as easy tee to green as I’ve ever seen this place…You know, ball was running a lot, you didn’t have to hit a whole lot of club off the tees and without the wind, you know, that’s normally the defense of the golf course… So, not surprised to see a low round. 10 under is an incredible round anyway for Marc. Not surprised to see low scores. Wish I got more out of it, honestly.”

How Sports Are Embracing VR for Teaching Purposes

Virtual Reality is going to become mainstream entertainment someday. But until then people are finding ways to give VR a practical use while the technology and content develops.

The Detriot Pistons are one of the first NBA teams to utilize this technology for evaluating draft prospects. According to the Detriot Free Press, the Pistons put VR goggles on draft prospects and simulated different game scenarios.

The prospect had to think quickly and make game-time decisions on which play to run and how to execute.

“[It’s] pretty cool,” said Penn State’s Tony Carr. “It’s kind of like a video game with real people. It’s like a 360 thing. You turn around, look around.

“You put the glasses on and they give you a different type of scenario where you are on the court and what decisions you would make, who you would pass the ball to and things like that.”

Think about the state of virtual reality two years ago, no one would have thought that this technology would be used to test a prospect’s basketball I.Q. before he heads into the NBA Draft.

This technology is real, and more importantly, it is proving to be abundantly useful for teaching and coaching. From doctors to armed forces to professional athletes, anyone can take advantage of simulating ‘game-time’ situations.

From a teaching perspective, VR could become an invaluable tool for medical schools who would like their doctors to simulate surgeries. You can transition over to professional baseball, now batters can face pitchers in VR before they step out on the field for the actual game. Instead of tracking pitches from the on-deck circle, a batter will already be quite prepared having faced the starter in virtual reality.

In sports, the user experience will not be limited to just the athletes. VR goggles and other technology will become more available for people of all skill levels to not only simulate game situations but learn from the players who execute when the pressure is on.

Take Success Series for example. Rickie Fowler – who has finished in the Top-5 of every major championship – takes users through each golf shot one may encounter during a round of golf.

“With virtual reality, I could be standing in a bunker and it feels like you’re standing right next to me” – Rickie Fowler

This platform is a way for users to connect with Fowler on a deeper level while improving their golf game at the same time. But why stop at Fowler?

There are plenty of high-profile athletes in every sport that are looking to give back to the game by teaching the next generation of athletes. What better way to get your message across than virtual reality (or 2D)?

People all around the globe will learn skills and techniques from current professional athletes. And it may help the Rickie Fowler’s of tomorrow develop more quickly.

We live in an age of instant and bountiful information, and virtual reality will only enhance how we educate ourselves and the future leaders of any profession.

TaylorMade DAD-ISM Golf Balls Are the Perfect Fathers Day Gift

Whether your father is a fan of golf or not, the new TaylorMade Dad-Ism golf balls will be a hole-in-one gift this Fathers Day.

TaylorMade took some of the greatest Dad one-liners and inscribed them on some pearly white golf balls.

Sayings like:

“Do you think I am made of money?”

“Back in my day”

And my personal favorite…

“Go ask your mother”

And the ball itself is perfect for any golfer. These three-piece golf balls are built with a Dual-Distance core construction. The soft inner core allows for optimal spin and feel, while the stiff outer core creates more velocity after impact for better distance.

The 322 Dimple Pattern on the Dad-Ism ball is the same one you will find on the TaylorMade TP5 and TP5X model golf balls.

A box of these balls retails at $19.99, but if you buy two dozen TaylorMade Project (a) Golf Balls you can get a Dad-ism 6-Pack for Free.

Think about that, buy yourself some golf balls AND take care of your Fathers Day shopping in one purchase. You cannot beat that deal!

What Are Rickie Fowler’s 3 Secrets to the Perfect Tee Shot?

Rickie Fowler is not the longest hitter on the PGA Tour when it comes to driving off the tee.

But an average of 296 yards per drive will keep you right there with the best in the game. And besides, we have seen a guy by the name of Jordan Spieth win multiple major championships with a driver that does not go much farther than 315 yards.

What really matters is the accuracy of your driver. When you strike a ball pure off the tee and concentrate on being accurate, then distance will follow suit.

The game of golf is very simple, yet so complex at the same time.

Your goal for each round is to hit as many fairways as possible. When you can accomplish that, you set yourself up for open and high-percentage shots into the green.

Which leads to pars and birdies…

Which leads to low scores…

Which leads to a smile on your face after the round.

So it’s time to put a smile on that face because Rickie Fowler can teach you how to drive the ball with greater accuracy and add an additional 10-15 yards in the process.

Through Fowler’s Success Series, he breaks down three pre-shot components that every golfer should incorporate when teeing off.

Just three simple actions will transform your golf game and make you more confident everytime you step on a tee box.

Are you ready to transform your game?

Click here and let Rickie Fowler teach you the three secrets to a perfect drive.

How A Letter to the Byron Nelson Tournament Jump-Started Jordan Spieth’s Career

It was not so long ago that World No.3 Jordan Spieth was spending his time playing – or rather dominating – the junior circuit. At the age of 16, he had already won the U.S. Junior Amateur (which he would win it twice), the Byron Nelson Junior tournament twice and was named the AJGA Rolex Player of the Year in 2009.

A young, but confident, Spieth decided to reach out to the HP Byron Nelson tournament director, George Conant, to ask for an exemption to play in the PGA Tour event. Spieth, a native of Dallas, thought it wouldn’t hurt to try since he would be essentially playing in his own ‘backyard’.

Only Trip Kuehne (1995), Justin Leonard (1993), and Tiger Woods (1993) had played in the tournament as an amateur. Well, the letter Speith wrote was enough to convince Conant to let him play.

And Spieth certainly jumped at the opportunity to show what he is made of. After 54 holes, the 16-year-old was T-7 and would end up finishing the tournament T-16.

This week, as the Bryon Nelson celebrates its 50thanniversary, we look back at the letter Spieth wrote eight years ago that foreshadowed what was yet to come.

Now, a,t 24 years old, Spieth is an 11-time PGA Tour winner, including 3 majors. And we are just scratching the surface of Spieth’s potential as he could achieve the Career Grand Slam this season and continue to etch his name into the record books.

Tiger Woods Will Tee It Up With Peyton Manning at the Memorial Pro-Am

Two legendary figures of their respective sports – Tiger Woods and Peyton Manning – will be paired together for the Memorial Pro-Am next week.

“It’s everything you’d think it would be,” Manning said back in 2009. “It’s really special. Watching him hit the ball, listening to him hit the ball, he tells great golf stories.”

Woods has been paired with Manning before for Pro-Ams. Once in 2009 at the Quail Hollow Championship, and in 2005 at the Bay Hill Invitational (now the Arnold Palmer Invitational).

Manning, one of the all-time greatest quarterbacks to ever get under center in the NFL, is quite the golf buff. He recorded a hole-in-one this past November at Cherry Hills Country Club, which is just outside of Denver. Manning used a five-iron from about 196 yards out to stick that ace….most impressive.

And don’t worry, Manning had two witnesses: his former teammate Brandon Stokley and the Denver Broncos’ president and CEO Joe Ellis.

Earlier that year Manning had the pleasure of golfing with President Donald Trump in June. Manning has played with former president George W. Bush before also.

Rickie Fowler is Set to Play in the Bush Institute Warrior Open Following the AT&T Byron Nelson

Rickie Fowler is not in this year’s field for the AT&T Byron Nelson. But he will play in the Bush Institute Warrior Open presented by the Byron Nelson the following week on Monday.

The George W. Bush Presidential Center announced through Twitter that Fowler would join several other professional golfers in the Warrior Open Pro-Am on Monday, May 21st.

Fowler and the other tour professionals will be paired with Warriors who served in the United States armed forces.

The Bush Warrior Institute was formed in 2011 in an effort to help and support post 9/11 war veterans and their families. The Warrior Institute has partnered with the AT&T Byron Nelson and other organizations to make this tournament possible for those who served to protect this nation.

Jordan Spieth, Matt Kuchar & Sergio Garcia Headline the Featured Pairings for the Byron Nelson

This week the AT&T Byron Nelson is celebrating its 50th anniversary. While each player hopes to bring home the coveted trophy, they also hope to make Byron Nelson proud by attempting to embody his legacy through those traits he believed in most–dedication, focus, and fierce determination.

Byron’s Nelson’s legacy will live on this week through both the golfers and the money the tournament raises to give back to children in the community who are struggling.

Ever since 1968, the Momentous Institute, an organization that is committed to the transforming kid’s lives for the better, has received over $155 million from the PGA Tour’s AT&T Byron Nelson tournament.

The first lab school opened in 1996, 10 years later a second opened up. Both were opened with the goal of providing therapeutic and educational services to over 5,500 kids and families each year.

In the words of the Momentous Institute: “We tailor our approach to the specific needs of each child and their family situation and focus on building and repairing social-emotional health – developing kids who become self-regulated, good communicators, problem-solvers, empathetic, grateful, gritty and optimistic.”

This Institute is the first year-round treatment center for troubled youth in the nation. Throughout the year kids will receive therapeutic services and be given the chance to visit the Salesman Club Youth Camp in Hawkins, Texas where they are educated in science, wildlife, and teamwork.

Without the support of the AT&T Byron Nelson, the growth of this instuitute would not be possible. To donate click here.



  • 12:40 PM: Scott Piercy (28 FedEx Cup Ranking), Marc Leishman (33), Adam Scott (110)
  • 12:50 PM: Jordan Spieth (30), Jimmy Walker (49), Graeme McDowell (124)


  • 7:40 AM: Satoshi Kodaira (51, Hideki Matsuyama (84), Matt Kuchar (61)
  • 7:50 AM: Billy Horschel (36), Sergio Garcia (99), Ryan Palmer (85)

FRIDAY No.1 Tee:

  • 12:40 PM: Satoshi Kodaira (51, Hideki Matsuyama (84), Matt Kuchar (61)
  •  12:50 PM: Billy Horschel (36), Sergio Garcia (99), Ryan Palmer (85)

FRIDAY No.10 Tee:

  • 7:40 AM:  Scott Piercy (28), Marc Leishman (33), Adam Scott (110)
  • 7:50 AM:  Jordan Spieth (30), Jimmy Walker (49), Graeme McDowell (124)


No.1 TEE:

  • 7:50 AM:  Cody Gribble (180), Bill Hurley III (207) & Charles Howell III (37)

No.10 TEE:

  • 7:20 AM:  J.B. Holmes (127), Colt Knost (220) & Beau Hossler (38)
  • 7:30 AM:  Branden Grace (81), Brandt Snedeker (121) & David Lingmerth (172)
  • 12:00 PM:  Harris English (103), Daniel Summerhays (177) & J.J. Spaun (55)


  • PGA TOUR LIVE will live stream coverage Thursday and Friday of Rounds 1 and 2starting with Featured Groups at 7:00 AM CST.
  • Featured Hole coverage begins at 3:00 PM CST: Par-5 14th and par-3 17th.
  • A free twitter window will be available from about 7:00 AM-8:00 AM
  • Golf Channel: Thursday & Friday beginning at 3 PM CST and 12 PM CST on the weekend
  • CBS: 2PM CST on Saturday & Sunday

Callaway’s New Stars & Stripes Ball is Set to Make Its Debut Friday

With the growing popularity of the Callaway Chrome Soft golf ball, the company has decided to release a new patriotic-themed red, blue and white version that will make its debut this Friday.

Just in time for the summer months and the Fourth of July!

The Truvis blue and white star pattern, as well as the red and white striped pattern ball, is made to look like a retro soccer ball.  The classic red and white pentagon pattern Chrome Soft Balls have been available since 2015. And the positive response to the ball and it’s unique pattern has spurred the inspiration for this new ball. We, Callaway, create other themed balls like this in the past, like the special white-and-green model that raised money for the Dick’s Sporting Goods’ Sports Matter Foundation.

The Chrome Soft technology incorporates small amounts of graphene in the dual-core mixture.  Callaway Senior Director of golf ball research and development states that the “the one-atom-thick nanoparticle…allows for a greater disparity in the compression of the outer core compared to the inner core. Increasing that difference yields less driver spin and more short shot spin”.  Simply stated, the ball was designed to give players greater distance off the tee but allow for extraordinary forgiveness on the ensuing shots. This is why this ball is quite popular among amateur players ranks.

And how did the Truvis pattern come to find itself on a golf ball?

English inventor Julian Morely believed that soccer balls became more visible with this pattern, which allows individuals to have a greater focus on the ball.

This new red, white and blue ball will be available at on May 18th for $45.  You can also go to the Callaway website and customize your own Truvis-patterned ball.